Storm Drain Utility Experts

Controlling the movement and flow of water is a crucial component of site development, allowing for protection of graded areas and prevention of runoff into neighborhoods and environmentally sensitive areas. RCS Grading is an experienced provider of storm drain installation services with a thorough knowledge of regulations.

RCS works in conjunction with project teams and subcontractors to properly install the necessary pipes and drainage structures without impacting other phases of the construction process. We build quality utility systems to protect project areas and ensure a successful project.

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construction worker laying a drainage pipe and directing an excavator

Storm Drain Sub-Capabilities

  • HDPE & Concrete Pipe

    Our teams are experienced and knowledgeable in the installation of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and concrete pipes for construction site drainage. Our crews work quickly to install a high-quality, durable product.

  • Structures & Junction Boxes

    Junction boxes form the connection points for underground sewer and other piping to change the direction of water-flow. Our teams are highly skilled to install junction boxes securely and correctly to avoid leakage.

  • Detention Ponds

    Many project designs include detention ponds, which are dry basins installed with drain pipe to collect and contain water during heavy storms. We install detention basins and retention ponds to the exact specifications of a project.

  • Inlet Protection

    Stormwater inlets are the manholes, catch basins, and other drop-type structures that direct stormwater into sewers or other underground drainage systems. RCS installs protective barries to prevent clogging and keep inlets functioning.

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construction worker directing a drainage pipe laying

What Sets Our Work Apart

RCS Grading has earned a reputation as a quality storm drain utility contractor in Upstate South Carolina by doing guaranteed work and providing great customer service. We constantly strive to improve our processes for utility installation. We stand apart from our competitors because of the following:

  • We engineer methods for streamlining production and reducing costs.
  • Our project management teams are knowledgeable of all drainage regulations.
  • We draw on decades of experience working exclusively in the Carolinas.
  • Our utility teams are highly trained and certified in all areas of installation.
  • We maintain strong relationships with vendors to avoid material supply issues.
  • We communicate effectively to ensure accountability to developers.
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Featured RCS Projects

We provide services of exceptional quality for sitework projects ranging from 10-12 acre commercial sites to 300-acre residential developments.

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More information is available about our storm drain utility services and capabilities. We are always looking to form new partnerships with developers and contractors working in Upstate South Carolina. If you’re interested in discussing your project and how RCS Grading might be able to help, we’d love to hear from you.