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It’s right there in our company name—RCS Grading is an experienced earthwork and grading contractor providing exceptional service to developers throughout Upstate South Carolina. Our teams have earned a reputation based on their quality performance and delivery of hundreds of projects in the last 20 years.

Whether we’re partnering on a smaller, tightly contained industrial project or a 100-acre subdivision, RCS Grading takes pride in delivering projects on or ahead of schedule. We’re committed to providing great customer service to all our valued partners.

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Grading Sub-Capabilities

  • Excavation

    We use high-powered equipment to quickly cut hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of soil and place it in the designed fill areas as efficiently as possible. The process requires skilled operators with knowledge of the specifications, contract, and soil conditions of a project.

  • Rough Grading

    Rough grading is the process of achieving the overall shape and slope of a project, with specific attention to drainage. Our teams are equipped and trained to expedite this grading phase of the project to prepare for final grading.

  • Final Grading

    After rough grading establishes the overall shape and slope of the site, our finish grading teams work within the top two-tenths of grade to achieve exact project specifications. We outfit our machines with GPS-enabled devices for accuracy.

  • Aggregate Base

    Aggregate base is the material course on top of which asphalt is paved. Following final grading, we run an aggregate base to further strengthen the foundation for roadway paving and vertical construction.

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What Sets Our Work Apart

RCS Grading has earned a reputation as one of the premier grading contractors in Upstate South Carolina by providing quality work and outstanding customer service. We constantly strive to improve our earthwork processes, and we stand apart from our competitors because of the following:

  • Our expansive fleet of heavy equipment is capable of any challenge.
  • We implement cutting edge technology for superior accuracy in the field.
  • We draw on decades of experience working exclusively in the Carolinas.
  • Our understanding of soil conditions is unparalleled.
  • We communicate effectively to ensure accountability to developers.
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Featured RCS Projects

We provide services of exceptional quality for sitework projects ranging from 10-12 acre commercial sites to 300-acre residential developments.

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More information is available about our grading services and capabilities. We are always looking to form new partnerships with developers and contractors working in Upstate South Carolina. If you’re interested in discussing your project and how RCS Grading might be able to help, we’d love to hear from you.