At RCS Grading, everyone has a purpose. We share a responsibility to each other to help fulfill it.

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Training Talent

At RCS, we believe talent is just the beginning—the real journey to achievement begins with training. To help train our employees, we’ve created our own in-house training program and facility known as the Grading Academy. It’s just one of the ways we invest in growing our people.

Our customized curriculum is centered on practical training to give our employees the tools they need to succeed at their positions in the field. As they progress in their careers to take on greater responsibilities and management positions, we offer training to grow the next generation of RCS leadership.

RCS Training Academy

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Travis Farthing

“RCS encouraged me to learn the motor grader and grow from just being a skid steer operator. They weren’t satisfied with just going through the motions. At RCS they challenge you and encourage you to push your skills to the next level. Now I’m leading a crew with much more perks of the job.”

  • Years at RCS: 9
  • Starting Position: Shoveling curb
  • Current Position: Motor Grader Operator

William Bishop

“When I was hired by RCS in 2015, I was simply excited for the new job and the opportunity to learn a new trade. Seven years later I am still learning, and RCS Grading has become a career for me.”

  • Years at RCS: 7
  • Starting Position: Pipe Laborer
  • Current Position: Project Manager

Will Berryhill

“When I started at RCS I saw myself as a farm kid with some skill as a machine operator. Over the years RCS has given me a chance to become a leader. A chance to build myself, to build things out of the earth, and to build other men.”

  • Years at RCS: 20
  • Starting Position: Bulldozer Operator
  • Current Position: General Superintendent

Mike Woelkers

“In the middle of the recession in 2008, in a low point in our economy, RCS took a chance even when their work was low, and they hired me. Since then the opportunity has grown to not just be the job I needed but a career and a family.”

  • Years at RCS: 12
  • Starting Position: Track Loader Operator
  • Current Position: Project Manager

Bob Waller

“I’m thankful to have grown from an operator to transporting our heaviest equipment. My favorite part of working at RCS is knowing the very piece of equipment I’m hauling is shaping the Upstate. Every time I make a delivery, that machine is ready to build the next beautiful neighborhood for hundreds of families to enjoy.”

  • Years at RCS: 5
  • Starting Position: Anything Operator, wherever there is a need on any machine
  • Current Position: Lowboy Driver

Matt Dugan

“RCS isn’t just a job, it's an opportunity to learn new skills and grow intellectually. When RCS knows you have a special skill set, they create a position for you. That not only grows the individual but also the company’s versatility.”

  • Years at RCS: 4
  • Starting Position: Project Manager
  • Current Position: GPS System Manager

Spencer Gantt

“When an opportunity presents itself you gotta take it. You don’t get to come in at the top, but the option to climb to the top is in front of you if you work hard and support each other. ‘Reckon?”

  • Years at RCS: 5
  • Starting Position: Dozer Operator
  • Current Position: Grading Superintendent

Employee Benefits

Growing people is only possible with a foundation of personal and financial security in place. At RCS, we provide comprehensive benefits to help ensure every employee’s fundamental needs are met—from complete medical insurance to financial planning for retirement.

Our company benefits are designed to ensure peace of mind for our employees by making healthcare affordable, creating work-life balance, and guaranteeing financial security during retirement. Freeing people from worrying about basic needs creates the space to grow and thrive as human beings.

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RCS in the Community

Our company is deeply tied to Upstate South Carolina communities in which we work. As an organization, we recognize the opportunity to positively impact our neighborhoods and cities beyond the construction services we provide.

Our people are actively involved in numerous service projects focused on building relationships and providing the support needed within our communities. We encourage our people to identify service opportunities and causes that can be supported with our company resources. These initiatives are a key component of growing our people into the best versions of themselves.

Careers at RCS Grading

We recruit and develop hard-working individuals to become leaders at RCS Grading. Positions are available for all levels of experience, with opportunities for advancement through our ongoing training programs.