We believe that creating opportunities for good people to do honest work is the foundation for growth.

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Employee Benefits

Growing people is only possible with a foundation of personal and financial security in place. At RCS, we provide comprehensive benefits to help ensure every employee’s fundamental needs are met—from complete medical insurance to financial planning for retirement.

Our company benefits are designed to ensure peace of mind for our employees by making healthcare affordable, creating work-life balance, and guaranteeing financial security during retirement. Freeing people from worrying about basic needs creates the space to grow and thrive as human beings.

  • Medical Insurance

    RCS Grading offers employees a choice of medical, vision, and dental health care plans, depending on the level of coverage they and their family members need. Plans cover preventive, basic, and major services.

  • Paid Time Off

    Employees are given annual paid vacation and holidays to spend time away from work, enjoy hobbies and leisure activities, and recharge their batteries. The amount of annual vacation time increases during the course of an employee’s career with RCS.

  • 401k Retirement

    As an employee with RCS Grading, you have the opportunity to invest in retirement plans to ensure you’re able to enjoy life long after you decide to stop working. Knowing you and your family’s future is secure allows you to focus on living in the present.

  • Paid Medical Leave

    In the event of a surgery or major illness, RCS Grading offers paid medical leave to aid your recovery and ensure you have the necessary time to regain your health before returning to work.

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“When I was hired by RCS in 2015 I was simply excited for the new job and the opportunity to learn a new trade. Seven years later I am still learning, and RCS Grading has become a career for me.”

— William Bishop, Project Manager
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Who's a Good Fit

RCS Grading hires talented individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. The diversity of our team plays a tremendous role in making our company successful. Regardless of gender, race, cultural ethnicity, or economic background, there are a few characteristics that are common to all RCS employees:

  • Patience to teach others
  • Generosity to help others
  • Eagerness to learn and grow
  • Confidence to do what’s right
  • Adaptability to changes
  • Dedication to uphold quality
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Committed to Growing People

The RCS culture is founded on a sincere commitment to helping each other grow and improve. As a company, we fulfill that commitment through development opportunities like RCS Training Academy, our community involvement, and employee mentorship.

We’re helping each other grow in less formal ways too, by instilling company values like investing in people and starting with trust. Every day when we go to work, we strive to support and challenge our fellow team members to become the best versions of themselves.

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Positions are available at every level of RCS Grading. If you like what you see and think you might be a good fit for our team, we want to hear from you:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your educational requirements?

    We do not have any specific educational requirements. We believe education can take many forms and one of them is simply experience.

  • What are the benefits?

    We offer Healthcare, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Short & Long Term Disability, and a 401(k).

  • What are your normal operating hours?

    We work from 7am until 5:30 pm M-F. Saturdays if needed. We expect all employees to work at least 40 hours. We do pay overtime.

  • Do you offer bonuses?

    Yes, we have Christmas and Retention Bonuses. We also offer an Employee Referral Bonus.

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