We take pride in the labor of our hands and we don’t settle for good enough.

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Equipped to Serve South Carolina

At RCS, we equip our construction teams with state-of-the-art heavy machinery to take on projects of any scope. Our equipment fleet is one of the largest of any contractor in Upstate South Carolina, giving us the ability to self-perform multiple large-scale projects simultaneously.

We update our equipment fleet regularly to keep all our machines new and performing flawlessly. Our investment in heavy equipment is just one of the ways we ensure our performance, because we’ll never lack the resources to get the job done on schedule and according to plan.

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Focus on Safety

Nothing is more important to our success at RCS than the safety of our people. As a company, we treat safety as an operational component—as fundamental to how we work as our equipment, engineering approach, or quality control measures.

To ensure safety on our job sites, we take measures to avoid unnecessary risks through training, planning, and assessment. We empower our people to stop production at the first sign of a safety hazard to avoid a potential incident, and we routinely search for ways to improve our process.

  • Training

    Safety starts with training our people to identify hazards and perform their responsibilities in the safest manner possible. From day one of their career with RCS, every employee undergoes general and specific training to help protect against inherent risks.

  • Prevention

    The best approach to reducing risk is to avoid it altogether. We greatly improve our overall safety by addressing potential hazards early on in the planning phase of a project. By taking a strategic look at safety, we’re able to prevent a percentage of incidents before ever stepping foot on a job site.

  • Assessment

    As with all areas of our operations, we are constantly assessing our safety performance to identify opportunities for improvement. It requires accountability from every employee and a company-wide commitment to never allowing ourselves to become complacent in our safety efforts.

  • Correction

    Improvement doesn’t end with simply identifying ways of getting better. It requires action, follow-through, and revisiting periodically to ensure changes are implemented. We hold ourselves fully accountable to our safety goals, whether they’re short-term or require years to achieve.


"When I was hired by RCS in 2015 I was simply excited for the new job and the opportunity to learn a new trade. Seven years later I am still learning, and RCS Grading has become a career for me."

— William Bishop, Project Manager

"Over the years RCS has given me a chance to become a leader. A chance to build myself, to build things out of the earth, and to build other men."

— Will Berryhill, General Superintendent

"In the middle of the recession in 2008, in a low point in our economy, RCS took a chance even when their work was low, and they hired me. Since then the opportunity has grown to not just be the job I needed but a career and a family."

— Mike Woelkers, Project Manager

Turnkey Project Services

RCS Grading is a full-service contractor specializing in sitework, grading, and utilities. Our expertise and experience helps us streamline production and engineer cost effective solutions for projects of all sizes and scopes.