The all-new RCS Academy for employee training and development has entered its final phase of construction and is on track to open its doors before the end of 2022. Employees of RCS have been aware of this project throughout the various stages of planning and development, and are looking forward to the focused training opportunities it will provide—both for hard skills, like operator training and certification and for the development of leadership and management abilities.

The Academy building itself is nearly completed, with floors currently being refinished and storefront glass walls being installed. Additionally, many high-tech training tools have been delivered and are scheduled for installation once the building is completely finished. These include Excavator and Bulldozer simulators, which will be set up for training to start the second week in November. 

The Academy will also utilize several Promethean Instructional Boards, which have been delivered and are awaiting installation once the building is completed. Promethean displays are on the cutting edge of educational engagement, featuring touch-screen capabilities for tutorials, connectivity for remote learning, session recording ability, and much more. Two Promethean boards will be installed in the Academy for immediate use once doors open.

Look for more Academy updates in the coming months as the building is completed and regular training begins taking place!

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